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Powerfully Managing Your Network

network-managingIncreasing pressure and responsibilities upon IT managers mean having the right information is more important than ever. Our enterprise-class tools monitors and manages your organization's network, computer systems and IT security infrastructure 24x7. Our service is designed specifically for IT service and support and plays an integral role in effective IT management.

Supporting your organization's core technology assets and users requires monitoring, management, notification, reporting and interoperability. Our monitoring and management solution is optimized to ensure that we can efficiently deliver IT services to all of the users and systems you support. Our system provides performance, availability and capacity monitoring, with the scalability and flexibility to use software agents and/or probes for monitoring and management. We us agent and agentless monitoring for Windows and Mac systems, and SNMP-enabled devices. We can quickly set up new devices and users, and efficiently change monitoring and management parameters across many devices. Our streamlined and customizable dashboards provide views of multiple business units or corporate locations. Granular desktop troubleshooting information covers seven PC operational states. Contact us to find out more.